• Personalised instant messaging for your business
  • Team collaboration in real time
  • Simple account management
  • No servers or administrators

    Set up your very own instant messaging capabilities

    Hosted.IM is a service provided by ProcessOne, that enables small businesses and work groups to establish their own, personalised instant messaging capabilities using their company domain name. This web-based service can be set up in a matter of minutes.

    Free service is limited up to 5 users per registered domain. We recommend you try it out. For more capabilities and features, check Plans & Pricing.

    Looking for a personal IM account? Try Talkr.IM instead.


    All you need to start is a Hosted.IM account (register) and an XMPP client, like our OneTeam instant messaging client (for desktop and iPhone).

    You can use your own domain name, or register a subdomain of p1.im that we offer for free.

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    Hosted.IM Features

    • Simple set up — A domain-based instant messaging facility can be set up very quickly, by following the three simple stages on the home page. All companies need to get started is their own domain name.
    • Personalised instant messaging accounts — Each user receives an account based on the company's own web domain name, e.g. John@process-one.net, pete@process-one.net.
    • Flexible management — Companies can easily add or remove users using the Hosted.IM web interface.
    • Group chat capabilities — Employees can take advantage of the solution's group chat capabilities to improve their collaboration and productivity.
    • Connectivity with other networks — Users can not only exchange messages with their co-workers on the same domain-based instant messaging system, but can also connect with users of other networks, such as GTalk® and Microsoft® OCS.
    • Optional message archives — Chat logs can be enabled or disabled, depending on company preferences and industry-specific legal requirements.
    • Existing account re-use — If individuals already have instant messaging accounts with MSN®, Yahoo®, AOL® or ICQ®, for example, they can re-use them within their domain-based instant messaging account.
    • File transfer — Users can send and receive files, such as documents and images, using this instant messaging capability and have the option to “accept” or “reject” attachments.
    • Option for more users — If your company requires an XMPP service for more than 5 users, we offer several commercial user packs for your needs. See Plans & Pricing for details.

    Why choose Hosted.IM?

    • Look professional — contact your clients and chat from your company domain name
    • Unify your employees' instant messaging — no need to use GTalk, MSN or Yahoo any more
    • Organise online chatting sessions to improve collaboration — use chat archiving to review the discussions
    • Don't spend money on servers and administrators — leave the maintenance to ProcessOne, instant messaging experts
    • Manage your users using an intuitive control panel
    • Try it out for free
      See plans & pricing
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    Plans & Pricing

    Currently we offer several plans, according to the size of your business.

    Plan Max. users
    per domain
    Price per month
    Starter 5 Free
    Team 10 10 €8
    Office 50 50 €37
    Organisation 75 75 €55
    Organisation 100 100 €73
    Company 200 200 €143
    Company 250 250 €175
    Enterprise 350 350 €240
    Enterprise 500 500 €337

    Do you need a bigger deployment? Contact us.